What did a U.S. President and a Native American Chief have in Common?

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. Chief Joseph was a great Chief of the Nez Perce Native Americans.

When trying to reach agreements with American officials Chief Joseph made the famous statement…“It does not require a lot of words to speak the truth”!  During that same period in American History Abraham Lincoln proved it!

On November 19, 1863, a portion of the Gettysburg battlefield was dedicated as a cemetery to the soldiers of the North and South that died there.  Edward Everett, a famous politician of the time was selected to deliver the dedication speech. As an afterthought the president of the United States was invited to, “say a few words”

Edward Everett gave a 13,600 word speech that lasted for two hours! When he was done Abraham Lincoln stood up – put on his steel rim glasses – took a piece of paper out of his tall silk hat and delivered one of the greatest speeches in American history! It was 280 words and lasted two minutes!




What is the name of Abraham Lincolns most famous speech?


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