How the Teddy Bear Got its Name


In 1902 in New York City candy store owners Rose and Morris Michton were trying to think of a name for the stuffed toy bears she had made to sell in their store. About that time they read a newspaper story about a hunting trip President Teddy Roosevelt went on in Mississippi. It was late in the day and the hunt had not been successful. The hunting guides finally came across an old lame bear and tied it to a tree. But President Roosevelt refused to shoot it and ordered the bear turned loose. The story got into the papers and soon swept across the nation. When Rose Michton read the story she came up with the name for their new toy – Teddy’s Bear.

The Michton’s sent President Teddy Roosevelt a toy bear and asked his permission to name the bear after him.  After a long wait they received a letter back.



aaaaa teddy

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Michton:

 “I warmly thank you for your letter and fine stuffed bear you made – I can hardly wait to show it to my children. However, I don’t think my name is likely to be worth much in the toy bear business, but you are welcome to use it. I wish you great luck in the toy bear business”.


Theodore  Roosevelt”


The Teddy Bear became a big hit and soon every child in the country wanted their own cuddly Teddy Bear, even  Aneva Walker.



How many United States Presidents were named Roosevelt?  1. 2. 3. or 4.?

(Don’t’ guess. Look it up.)

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