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Gardner Doolittle Films

Gardner Doolittle Films was formed out of Universal Studios, Florida, where Gardner, the founder, wrote, directed and produced a series of instructional films. When his Son & Daughter joined him in the business, the company Raven Productions was formed. The direction has since moved into producing significant documentaries focused on educating and inspiring today’s young people.

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The Impact

Bessie Coleman astounds us even to today. With our technology and influence, it is a wonder that Bessie was able to do what she did in a time where it was not favorable or kind to Blacks. Because of her courage in a time that defiance could mean her life, she impacted millions of lives. She gave others the courage to go after their dreams despite the daily adversity and outside resistance. Can you imagine how much simpler things would be if Bessie was born in this century? She wouldn’t have had to work a fraction as hard as she did in the 1900’s. Let that soak in, she didn’t have the resources or the racial acceptance we have today. So if Bessie could make a difference in a time where it should have been impossible and improbable, then shouldn’t one be able to do it in a time that all things are possible!